HPD Kalnik

HPD „Kalnik“ was founded in 1900 in the city of Križevci. In honor of 100th anniversary, they recieved awards from Croatian Cultural Associatoion and Koprivnica-Križevaci county. Their members are citizens, students and high school youth from Križevci. Female, male and mixed choirs from HPD „Kalnik“ mostly performed in Croatia but also in other countries like Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic and others. Choir performes compositions from both domestic and foreign authors.

Throughout the years, they took part in many competitions as the representative of the Koprivnica-Križevci county. In the years of 2001 and 2003, they received bronze awards, and in the years of 2005 and 2007, they received silver awards. They also took part in the International competition in Zadar where they placed 11th (2003) and 4th (2011). In the year of 2008, choir performed at the 7th International competition in the citiy of Azzano Decimo, Italy, where they received special award for making the best atmosphere by singing the „Shenandoah“ composition.

Mixed choir of the HPD „Kalnik“ regularly performes at the Croatian choir festivals in the organisation of the Croatian Cultural Association. In the 42nd Croatian choir festival (2009) they won 2nd place and received special award for best peformance of composition by a Croatian author ("Pesma s drugog brega" by Emil Cossetto and Fran Galović). In the 45th Croatian choir festival (2012), the choir received special award for best performance of a new composition (''Maglica'' by Damir Smerdela and Drago Gervais). In the 46th Croatian choir festival (2013) they won 3rd place and received special award for the most impresive performance of a compoisiton by a Croatian author (''Gumbelijum roža fino diši“ by Igor Kuljerić and Miroslav Krleža). In the 47th Croatian choir festival (2014) they received special award for best performance of modern composition (''Cantate Domino'' by Bruno Vlahek). In 2015, choir performed at the International choir festival „Zlatna vila“ in Prijedor, in 2016 and 2017 choir performed at the 7th and 8th International competition „Zlatna lipa Tuhlja 2016“ and „Zlatna lipa Tuhlja 2017“.

Ozren Bogdanović (25 december 1986) has spent his life in Križevci, where he finished primary and musical high school ''Albert Štriga'', theoretical course. He graduated conducting in the class of Branka Špoljar. After that, he accomplished musical pedagogy with Vladimir Kranjčević, prof. at the Academy of Music, University of Zagreb. He formed Mixed choir ''A capella'', Mixed choir ''Benedictus'' and Chatedral choir in Greek Chatolic Church in Križevci. Till the year of 2017 he was conductor of the Men vocal group ''Ivan Goran Kovačić''. They received 1st place in all categories at the International competition of men chamber choirs in Petrinja.

Right now, Ozren is a music teacher in the primary school ''Ljudevit Modec'' and he studies at the Academy of Music in Osijek.

Vocal ensemble Domenike

Ozren Bogdanović