Choir Duman

Choir "Duman" from Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in January 2019. Its purpose is to introduce young singers aged 12-17 to a world of choir singing through variuos music literature and development of vocal technique. As Livno has a long choir singing tradition, the choir aims to be a proficient provider of new singers to different mixed choir in the city. In the first six months of existence ''Duman'' choir participated in humanitary concerts for Africa and a seminar for conductors. This is their first performance abroad. The choirs founder and conductor is Katarina Džeko, prof.

Katarina Džeko (Livno, 1984) graduated at UMAS in 2007. She studied conducting in the class of maestro Ivan Repušić. She received multiple awards during her education as a conductor and gained experience though international projects, choir singing and conducting Singing Society Mirta. She succesfully led ''Franjo S. Vilhar'' Music School choir and Gymnasium Livno mixed choir through national and international competitions receiving many awards. As a mother of three boys, she is tending to introduce young boys to choir singing with with the desire to enrich different choirs in Livno and promote choir singing.

Vocal ensemble Asante

Katarina Džeko