Vocal ensemble Domenike

The Vocal Ensemble Domenike has been active in the area of Sveta Nedelja since September 2013 when the ensemble was registered as an association. The artistic leader is professor Ana Benković and the members are united by a mutual love for music, friendship, perseverance and desire to make the ensemble recognizable and take their spot on the overwhelming stage of amateur singing.

The ensemble cultivates a cappella singing and the repertoire consists of klapa songs and traditional songs, arrangements of popular compositions and classical compositions. They also gladly cooperate with many ensembles. In 2018 they participated in IX. International Song Choir Competition "Golden Lipa Tuhlja" where they won bronze plaquette, and at the 2nd meeting of choirs and vocal ensembles "Zapjevajmo Prejac" in Desinić. They participated in the Festival of Singing Choirs and Vocal Ensembles of the Zagreb County twice.

Ana Benković, born on 22 September 1989 in Požega, married and mother of two children. She finished music high school in 2008 in Požega as a musician theoretician and solo singing, after which she enrolled at the Music Academy, major in music pedagogy, which she finished in 2013 and acquired the title Master of Music Pedagogy. Since completing the Academy, she has worked in elementary and high schools as a teacher of music culture and as head of school choirs, tamburitza orchestras and instrumental groups.

She is currently working as a teacher of music culture, head of the school choir and Boomwhackes Orchestra, Islamic Grammar School Dr. Ahmed Smajlović as a professor of musical arts and head of the Singing Choir "Ashk" and Sports high school in Zagreb as a professor of musical art. For five years she has been the artistic leader of the ensemble Domenike.

Vocal ensemble Domenike

Ana Benković